True Masters of Induction: Babies & Children

Babies and children are the true masters of induction. There are many studies in physiology literature regarding the development of children. Most of these studies focus on children’s inductive reasoning as children are constantly learning new things. Children do not learn from textbooks; they learn by observing, trying, and failing. So, they learn by induction.

The one part of learning is learning to reason. My initial investigations lead me to some experiments involving specific-type of games. These studies investigate “How do children reason?”, “When do children do specific types of inductive reasoning,” “What kind of games improve cognitive skills (mostly related to skills in inductive reasoning),” and so on. These are fascinating topics but difficult to extract from academic papers. I hope to create a useful archive for the parents (and anyone interested, such as teachers).

This is going to be an important part of my blog. I will review the literature and share/summarize these academic works here. I am also the father of a 2-months baby. I want to acquire a state-of-the-art understanding as well.

Coming soon!

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