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Hi all! I am truly excited about starting this blog. I started blogging 10 years ago – when I was in high school. I stopped because of a weird reason: someone threatened to sue me because of one of my articles. Long story… But believe me, I was innocent and nothing happened. Now, I am starting again with interesting ideas.

WordPress has changed a lot since then. I was able to make some money with Adsense by the time then. Now, I need to re-learn too many things: WordPress (plugins, themes,…), Google Analytics, hosting. This is the actual reason I started this so late. I needed to have some free time to do some research.

I always liked to start a blog with a “Hello” article just like WordPress default. After years, it reminds me of my feelings about why I started my blog. Anyway… I will briefly talk about my plans for this blog.

I started this blog because I think that inductive reasoning is overlooked in general. Actually, it is the fault of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He made his famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, kept saying “science of deduction.” There are blogs, social media groups, books about “deductive reasoning”, “science of deduction”, “thinking like Sherlock Holmes, and so on. I am not here to say, “hey look inductive reasoning is better than deduction!”. On the contrary, they are not substitutes. So, there will be a lot of discussions about logical reasoning: deduction, induction, analogy, abduction, etc. I am planning to link these lectures to real-life problems. There will be many examples as well as my meditations.

I do not want to make this blog boring but the lectures will be the main pillars. I have an overall draft in my mind regarding the syllabus. In fact, I plan to convert my post into a book later. But It may take several years. Yes, this is a very long-term plan. In addition to the lectures, I plan to use this blog as a personal blog as well. So, I can take a picture of a beautiful bird and share it here. Don’t be surprised. Haha…

I plan to put Adsense (and maybe affiliate ads) as well. But don’t worry! They are not going to make you uncomfortable. Therefore, apart from my “bird photos” and lectures, I will write some posts to attract visitors. Those posts will not be useless. I am a Ph.D. student in Economics and specialized in Econometrics. Hence, I plan to share some interesting statistics, econometrics, economics, and machine learning insights.

See you all!

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