Course: Science of Induction

I am starting the first series of articles on inductive reasoning. I am planning to combine all these articles as a course: Science of Induction. I am sure there will be many changes to the course contents. Here is a planned/executed outline of the lecture:

  1. Introduction: Inductive Reasoning
  2. Types of Logical Reasoning
    1. Inductive Reasoning vs. Deductive Reasoning
    2. What is Abductive Reasoning? Examples of Abduction and Induction
  3. Types of Inductive Reasoning and Examples
  4. Diversity Principle/Effect
  5. Inductive Reasoning In Real Life
    1. Why inductions tend to fail very often.
    2. The Bias Against Biases – An Evolutionary Perspective
    3. On the Artificial Intelligence and Inductive Reasoning
  6. Conclusion

Some sections will have subsections, this is the overall outline in my mind. I will update this post and use it as a table of contents. So you can follow the development of the course from this article.

There is an amazing Wikipedia post on “Inductive Reasoning” which helped me a lot to construct the course syllabus. This course will possibly take 1-2 years to complete. Hence, if you have a scientific interest in inductive reasoning, I strongly recommend reviewing it.

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